in a small scalable &
Affordable Renewable Energy solution

Product Overview

Winsolla A Renewable Energy initiative in terms of harnessing the power of Sun & Wind together called the HYBRID MILL SYSTEM in Romania. Wind turbines together with Solar Panels efficient and affordable for everyone to unburden their respective environmental impact & making us Self Sufficient & reducing our electricity expenses. Winsolla designs Specific models for all kinds of projects from our manufacturing facility in India and shipped across the Globe. We have created an innovative line of vertical axis wind turbines with integrated PV solar panels for municipal Residential and Commercial use supporting both On and Off grid Systems Shipping & Servicing worldwide.

Winsolla is into Small scale wind and solar renewable energy system called the HYBRID MILL SYSTEM that can be useful in different variable environments in the urban & semi urban areas. HYBRID MILL SYSTEM a transformation in a state of the art technology for harnessing both the natural resources (wind and solar energy) understanding the much required power generating systems in all respects. This form of Harnessing powers is available for all kinds of consumers with No Power/Energy or Lowering Existing Power/Energy costs thus making an impact on reducing greenhouse emissions and saving the planet.

Save energy
Save Planet EARTH

While most wind turbine manufacturers are thinking bigger, we re thinking smaller.
Winsolla believes the secret to making renewable energy both affordable and
accessible is in hybridization and scalability.


Our system is PV Solar Panels coupled with a our Specific Models of Wind Turbines thus creating more output from the wind turbine during the winter, whereas during the summer, the solar panels would produce their peak output. Our Hybrid Mill systems will yield greater economic and environmental returns than stand-alone systems by themselves. Reducing the 14 Hrs Loss of Solar Energy which is compensated by the Specific Wind Turbines thus delivering 100% Power at 0% Loss.Small Scalable Models for all kinds of Individual Requirements.Installations Suitable for Space Constraint Areas.

Winsolla types of systems


For many people living in remote areas, connecting to the mains grid is not an option. Therefore, they must produce their own power.
In the past, many have resorted to petrol or diesel generators, but these are both noisy, maintenance intensive, and environmentally damaging. Now our HYBRID MILL SYSTEM gives us the substitute thus harnessing cleaner form of energy/ power available to the world.


A grid-connected power system is the most cost effective and simple. The main components of a grid connect system can be Solar panels / Wind Turbines or Both together and an inverter. Solar panels and Wind Generators convert both forms of resources into DC electricity, and an inverter will turn DC electricity into usable AC electricity. A grid-connected power system willexport excess power to the grid but maintain use of regular power from the grid at night. Our HYBRID MILL SYSTEM is the product viable to generate 24 Hrs of Generating Power and thus Reducing Power Costs to a minimum depending on each individual’s usage.

All ON Grid Systems are manufactured as per individual customers requirements.


Winsolla warrants to the original Purchaser of our HYBRID MILL SYSTEM & HYBRID STREET LIGHT SYSTEMS only and the Products will be free from defects in workmanship and material for 5 years after the shipment date (the “Warranty Period”). Winsolla warranty will not extend to any Products that have been subjected to: (a) improper installation or storage; (b) ordinary wear, tear or deterioration of the Products; (c) operation or maintenance not in accordance with applicable operating instructions; (d) accident, damage, abuse or misuse; (e) modification by any party other than Winsolla or (f) abnormal or unusual operating conditions or applications, including any application in any way different from that for which such Product was designed. Any modification, tampering or manipulation of the Products, any alteration of any parts or any substitution of parts not provided by Winsolla or not authorized by Winsolla shall render void all of Winsolla warranties with respect to the Products. Winsolla MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE PRODUCTS AND Winsolla SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND FREEDOM FROM INFRINGEMENT CLAIMS.